Read what Denture Wearers are saying about Sparkle!

Hi, Very few products these days give you a true bang for your buck! Your product does. I find it hard to believe that with the limited choices of denture cleaning supplies, your product is not on every shelf in America. I mean this stuff really works! And the choices you have in K-mart, Wal-mart, Eckert, and Walgreens. Store types are garbage. It’s the same song and dance every where you go, Efferdent, Polident blah, blah, blah. You have a winner here! A bit pricey? I don’t think so. A bottle lasts a long time. But I truly think most folks would gladly pay a bit more for results. Those cute little tablets go fizz and turn a pretty color but at 5 bucks a box THEY DON’T WORK! I think your cleaner just needs a bit of promotion. Am I applying for a job? Well not really. But I have been in business long enough to spot a winner. Keep up the good work! – Lawrence C., Internet

Sparking Dentures Testimonial

“This product is really great. My grandson gave me a free trial sample he requested on the internet. My bottom dentures were really getting caked up with a lot of hard plaque and none of the usual soaking and brushing could clean it. With just one half hour soak in Sparkle the stuff softened enough to completely clean it off. Just love it- it really works.Thanks again”- Pat J., Palmerton, PA

“It is fantastic, used it once and it took all the tobacco stains off. I’ve never had anything that worked that fast, I still can’t believe how it really works, but it works!”- Helen H., Hood River, OR

Sparking Dentures Testimonial“Through a girl friend of mine I was given a sample of Sparkle. For many years my upper plate became yellow in color. I tried everything, from toothpaste with whitener in it, too having them cleaned by a dentist, which didn’t make any difference. I also tried peroxide, Ajax, etc. Nothing worked. Until, I tried Sparkle. Over night I soaked my upper plate. When I took my upper plate out of the Sparkle, it was white and clean. I couldn’t believe it. It was amazing. So, I thank you so much, I finally can smile, laugh and know my smile is a nice looking smile.”- Constance S., Eugene, OR

“When your group was in Mesa your people gave me a sample of Sparkle. I come up and used that overnight and my partial come out perfect and looked new and fresh like I had gotten this many years ago. Your group had bookings in Sun City. We purposely drove over to buy some more!! Thank you for a great product!!” Yours Truly, – Alton R., Mesa, AZ
Sparking Dentures Testimonial
“I love Sparkle! It goes with me when I travel. Having dentures for 26 years, I have used Sparkle for the last 12. Sparkle is the only denture cleaner that gives me the clean feeling” – Jean W.,Foot Hills, Nevada

“I have never found anything comparable to Sparkle Denture Cleaner. It really cleans my dentures and there is never any build up of tartar or stains. To me Sparkle is a real bargain because it lasts so long and it cleans my dentures better than anything I have ever used.”- Neil H., WA

“Sparkle is so quick and easy to use, I just soak them while I bathe and it makes them feel so clean and fresh!” – K. Davis, Oregon

“Of all the denture cleaners I’ve used, none has ever worked as well as Sparkle. My 22 year old dentures look like new!”- Eileen L., OR
Sparking Dentures Testimonial
“I’ve worn dentures for 50 years and Sparkle is the first cleaner that removed the stains from my dentures and after only one soaking!”- Henry S., Washington

Dear Gary,  Hello from the capitol of the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma.  I just had to write and tell you how much I appreciate Sparkle de4nture cleaner!  I have been using it for 5 years and nothing on the market can compare with it.  I give samples of mine to my friends so I have to order more, but your shipping is ultra-fast!  Thanks!  Debbie S., Durant, OK

“I ran out of Sparkle and had to buy some of that commercial stuff, it foams up nicely and makes the prettiest blue color you did see, but it doesn’t clean dentures worth a hoot. Please send me more Sparkle by return mail.” – Doug H., Hawaii

Shipping and Handling is a flat rate of $6.95 for 1-6 Bottles